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Code of Business Ethics

  • We respect the rights and property of others, including their intellectual property.
  • We compete fairly without collusion or collaboration with competitors to divide markets, fix prices, or allocate customers.
  • We keep records that are verifiably accurate.
  • We honor our contracts.
  • We recruit, train, promote and reward people based on their performance and contribution.
  • We respect all employees without regard to their position or level within the organization.
  • We comply with laws, rules and regulations.
  • We offer no payments or favors to influence others to do something wrong.
  • We value open and fair competition and respect the rights of our customers, suppliers and competitors just as we expect our rights to be respected.
  • We create a workplace where we feel free to express our opinions and to raise questions and concerns in a safe and supportive environment, without fear of harassment, retribution or retaliation by peers or managers.